HP Fangirl Photo Gallery

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Harry Potter Fangirl Photo Gallery

Here is where many of you non Draco fans will find your faves, ive tried to provide a large sampling of many characters and will add more pages if needed. Again these photos are not my property and were all gathered from Photobucket.com or through Google Image search!! They are the property of JK Rowling, Warner Bros and the actors or actresses depicted in them!! They are put here for personal enjoyment and not for monetary gain, enjoy!!

Latest pic of Harry and Ginny from HBP

DanRad in his movie December Boys

Ginny Weasley, from OotP

Ronald Weasley, from GoF

Bellatrix Lestrange, OotP

The infamous Voldemort, GoF

Luna Lovegood, OotP

Pansy Parkinson/Draco Malfoy, PoA

Cedric Diggory, GoF

Hermione/Ron for all the canon shippers plus Crookshanks

Autographed pic of DanRad, belongs to my daughter

Weasleys, Ron/Ginny/Fred/George, OotP

Syrius Black, OotP

Snape, HBP

Narcissa Malfoy, HBP

Cho Chang, OotP

James Potter, OotP

Nearly Headless Nick

Moaning Myrtle

The young Severus Snape, OotP

Hannah Abbott, not sure which movie.....

Dolores Umbridge, OotP

Seamus Finnegan

Professors Trelawny and Mcgonagall, OotP \